Discover the possibilities

Might this be for you? A medical career in France?
There are several ways you can explore the possibilities with us.

Information weekend : September 2024

Every year, Work your Way to France organises an information weekend for care professionals wanting to work in France. Throughout this weekend, the following components and information will be presented and discussed:

- An exchange with professionals who have been working in France for some time;
- An introduction to local politicians who explain what the people in the region require;
- A mini-course in Medical French to get you started;
- Information about getting settled and which steps to take;
- Exploration of the region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Contribution to costs:

- 175€ per person for lunches and dinners.
- accommodation not included

For inscription or more information :

II An introductory course in Medical French
for doctors and paramedical professionals who are considering working in France

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