Work as a doctor in France

Work as a healthcare professional in France

France is a wonderful country with a lifestyle par excellence.
What’s more, France has a great deal of work available for people employed in the medical professions.

Working in the French care sector offers the following advantages:

- Professional autonomy;
- Lots of time for patients (an average consult lasts 15-20 minutes);
- Pleasant doctor-patient interactions;
- A wide choice of jobs within the public sector, the private sector or a combination thereof;
- Good labour conditions;
- Grants and tax-exemptions for certain areas.

Work your Way to France offers all the services necessary for a successful professional installation in France.

- We have a large number of job offers and we will help you find the position that suits you best.
- We offer support during your move to France. We take care of registration with the Conseil de l'Ordre des Médecins and we offer also a one-week individual medical French course in our training centre or training programme by Zoom. Our French clients (hospitals, clinics, health centres, etc.) pay for the costs of this course and support.
- If you are setting up as a freelancer, we offer additional tax and legal support in close collaboration with specialized French consultancy firms.

Are you considering practising in France, but nothing has been decided yet?
- We organise an information weekend every year.
- Every year we organise an introductory course in medical French which includes a lot of
information on the practice of a medical profession in France.
- You can always contact us by phone or email for any kind of information.

Our strength is to bring together within Work your Way to France, all the services you need to make your installation a success.

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