Work as a doctor in France

Work as a healthcare professional in France

France is a wonderful country with a lifestyle par excellence. What’s more, France has a great deal of work available for people employed in the medical professions. Working in the French care sector offers the following advantages:

- Professional autonomy;
- Plenty of time for patients (an average consult lasts 15-20 minutes);
- Pleasant doctor-patient interactions;
- A wide choice of jobs within the public sector, the private sector or a combination thereof;
- Good labour conditions;
- Grants and tax-exemptions for certain areas.

Work your Way to France offers practical services to begin living and working in France.

We specialise in services for the medical sector. Since 2010, we have trained healthcare professionals in Medical French and provided guidance for getting established in France.
We have developed the following services to help you succeed as a doctor or care professional in France:

- Intensive Medical French courses that are geared towards your specialism;
- Expert guidance for your personal and professional transition to France;
- A wide range of interesting job vacancies throughout France.

Our strength : we offer all services for the best preparation and guidance.

And because you do not have to call on external parties, we can always use our comprehensive vision to guide you ... before, during and after your start in France.
Are you prepared to invest serious time and energy in a thorough preparatory programme that lasts between one to four weeks in France? If so, our French clients are very willing to invest in you, with a total compensation for the costs of this process!

Your preparation

Medical jobs

Coaching after your installation

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