By whom?

The story behind CFIPF Work your Way to France

Since moving to France in late 2010, I have been teaching medical French courses to non-French-speaking doctors.
Since I adapt my courses to the doctor's specialism, I had to do a lot of reading up in the first few years.
Meanwhile, I have had almost all specialisms on courses. The diversity of nationalities of the doctors I receive has also increased enormously over the years.

During an intensive medical French course, it's not just about the language, but many doctors also have all kinds of practical questions about their work in France. In all these years, I have also studied these matters in depth to be able to assist them as best I can with the many issues that come their way.

The first few years I worked for other recruiters, but the courses and guidance I offered the doctors were often the final item in the whole process; sometimes there was a budget for this, sometimes not. By taking on the recruitment of doctors myself, I am now able to offer every doctor the much-needed language and practical guidance for free.

About Maarten Stroes:

  • Studied French language and literature / French as a foreign language and French history in Amsterdam, Montpellier and Lille
  • Wrote several French teaching methods
  • Has worked 12 years as a French teacher, taught, among other things, at a French 'Collège'
  • Has given intensive courses in medical French to foreign doctors since the end of 2010
  • Is recruiting European health professionals for French hospitals, clinics and health centers since 2018

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