Guidance & Coaching

Guidance & Coaching

The Work your Way to France guidance and coaching is offered in the following ways:

A. As part of the French course

In all courses an element of it is devoted to practical life in France and interculturality. These themes are ideal for students who are planning to emigrate, as well as for those who work with the French from within their own country.

In private courses this takes place on a 1 on 1 basis with the student. The participant will be sent a questionnaire ahead of the course relating to the emigration process where they can indicate which elements are applicable to them so that they can be addressed.

In the group courses a number of basic topics are discussed, such as differences in work culture, etiquette and the French education system. In addition, a daily walk-in consultation hour is included where questions can be asked at an individual level.

B. As an additional service

1. By our emigration coach:
If you need specific guidance in a specific area, possibly outside of classes, you can utilise our emigration coach. This is done on an hourly basis.

2. By our collaborating partners:
Through close cooperation and coordination with our collaborating partners listed below we offer additional packages to entrepreneurs starting up or taking over a business and to doctors establishing themselves: accountancy firm Equinoxe and insurance advisor AR Conseil. A fixed rate applies to each package.
Work your Way to France is always the 1stpoint of contact and coordinates these processes.

In this way we are able to guide our clients from a total vision.

The packages:

- Help with choice of company structure
- Setting up the company structure
- Mapping the expected income
- Help (and courses) in accounting
- Fiscal optimisation
- Audit Pension & Incapacity for work
- Compiling insurance package