Offre d’emploi médecin généraliste en France 020

Offre d’emploi pour médecins en France / Medical jobs in France

Médecin généraliste / General practioner / Hausarzt / Médico generalista / Huisarts
Poste vacant / Job offer / Stellenangebot / Vacante / Vacature : 020

Secteur / Sector / Sektor / Sector / Sector :
Maison ou Centre de santé / Health centre / Gesundheitszentrum / Centro de salud / Gezondheidscentrum
Installation en libéral / Practice independently / Private Praxiseinrichtung / Consultorio privado / Vrijgevestigd

Lieu d’exercice / Place / Ort / Lugar / Plaats :
Anost et Ouroux-en-Morvan, deux villages dans le Parc du Morvan (Région : Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)

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Para información en inglés: contacto / Voor informatie in Nederlands: contact

GP – Raymond Broeders looking for a successor

‘Médecin de campagne’, the country doctor. In an area where general practitioners are welcomed with open arms.

Away from all the hustle and bustle and stress. To have the time to focus on patient care, to talk to them. To be a GP, as the profession is meant to be. A dream?

I have been working as a GP in the Morvan (Burgundy) since 2015. After almost 30 years part of a city practice with 15,000 patients in the Netherlands to a practice in France, where I work with 500 patients ‘on my name’, but also with plenty of non-registered patients. And in the summer especially holidaymakers, Belgians, Germans, Englishmen, Americans. A nice change!

In the Netherlands, I often had to work flat out, with lots of meetings on top of that. There was a lot of delegation, which had to be discussed again. And then there were the shifts, the busy shifts at the GP’s surgery.

Now I do my job my own way. I do basic care again, close to the patients. I have the peace and quiet and I have time for them. Driving to see them is often an outing, through these beautiful surroundings. Time to step out of the car for a short walk or to take a photo. Or, like a Dutch colleague, to walk his dog.

My wife works with me. She receives people like a hostess. She also takes care of the administration. It is very special to do this with the two of us. We are appreciated and therefore included in the French community of Ouroux-en-Morvan ans Anost. We have discovered that it is an ideal way to integrate. We feel at home and will certainly continue to live here after retirement. As do a remarkable number of other Dutch people. An area that they chose for its beautiful nature and accessibility. Just one day’s drive from the Netherlands!

I work 8 half-days a week. On average, I see 20 people per day for consultations and I make six visits per week.

I have not become a different doctor. I brought my way of working with me from the Netherlands, both in attitude and in practice. Here too, we work with a “HIS system”. And here, too, the profession of GP and the cooperation between them is developing.

Everything ideal? Certainly not.

The language, for example. It is tiring, especially in the beginning. But it gets better very quickly and besides, the people here are very helpful. And with the perfect Medical French course you have an extra security to start with.

Integration, for example. But as soon as the French have been able to see for themselves and notice that the doctor and his wife are ordinary people with respect for their fellow human beings, you are quickly accepted into the French community.

Missing the Dutch family and friends, for example. It is a loss, but there is good contact possible through the internet and we have experienced that contacts often improve. We see everyone here for a few days and talk more intensively than in the Netherlands on a birthday or over coffee!

Everything ideal? Certainly not. But it is a lot! And an enrichment of our lives.

In short, a fine, well-structured and well-run practice awaits you. To be able to be a médecin de campagne. A family doctor, in a relaxed way; in an area where people are very happy with the arrival of a family doctor.

And, should the need arise, this doctor will continue to live near Ouroux-en-Morvan and will be happy to provide support. Both in terms of introduction and familiarisation, but also possibly as an observer or supporter during busy periods.

A dream? Why not yours, or yours alone? Raymond Brothers

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Toutes nos offres d’emplois incluent:
1. accompagnement personnalisé
2. un cours de français médical au choix ( 1 semaine ou 4 semaines)

All our job offers include:
1. personalized accompaniment
2. medical French course of your choice (1 week or 4 weeks)

Alle unsere Stellenangebote umfassen:
1. persönliche Begleitung
2. medizinischen Französischkurs Ihrer Wahl (1 Woche oder 4 Wochen)

Todas nuestras ofertas de trabajo incluyen:
1. acompañamiento personalizado
2. curso de francés médico de su elección (1 semana o 4 semanas)

Bij al onze vacatures zijn inbegrepen:
1. persoonlijke begeleiding
2. cursus medisch Frans naar keuze (1 week of 4 weken)