Additional services

Additional services for healthcare professionals when settling in France

If you need more support than our basic guidance, we also offer :

1. Practical and administrative services for an hourly rate of 50€ (incl. VAT):
We do this through our permanent partner Mrs. Lonneke Grobben (

- Opening of a bank account
- Subscription to a mobile telephony / internet subscription
- Subscription to basic insurances, such as civil liability insurance, home insurance, supplementary health insurance
- Importing your vehicle
- Any administrative tasks you prefer to delegate

2. Tax or legal expertise by our collaborating partners accountancy firm Equinoxe and insurance advisor AR Conseil.

Through close cooperation and coordination with our collaborating partners we offer additional packages to doctors establishing themselves.
The packages offered by our collaborating partners (fixed rate):
- Help with choice of company structure
- Setting up the company structure
- Mapping the expected income
- Help (and courses) in accounting
- Fiscal optimisation
- Audit Pension & Incapacity for work
- Compiling insurance package

The advantages of this support coordinated by us:
- Work your Way to France is always the 1stpoint of contact and coordinates these processes.
In this way we are able to guide our clients from a total vision.
- Through us, you can call on the services of French experts who are familiar with French laws and regulations.