Artist – Paul Tieman

An artist who cannot talk about his work, who cannot give a spontaneous explanation at an exhibition and who is unable to build a network will not easily take root in the unruly French soil.
Maarten was able to organise in an intensive yet sympathetic way my extremely messy language within a week. He efficiently used film discussions, texts, conversations and hilarious, but effective exercises to tackle persistent language obstacles. His attention to the use of language in social situations was notable. Through his course, I realised for the first time that it’s fine to make mistakes, and that the inevitable accent will in fact be regarded affectionately, but that you must adapt language to the level of your professional environment. I was finally able to refine my French during that week there in the beautiful Parc Naturel du Morvan to a level that suits me.

Owner Bed & Breakfast – Jim Fenell

When I moved to France, my knowledge of French was very basic. I booked a one week course with Maarten because I was to set up a business and I needed to be able to have regular conversations with artisans, ‘fonctionnaires’ and clients. He very quickly judged my existing level and adjusted the format of the week to concentrate on my greatest areas of need. I was very impressed that he varied his methods of teaching regularly and even though a week of 1:1 training is intense, it didn’t feel too much at any stage. After the course, I felt that I had a solid base of grammar and vocabulary which gave me the confidence to have conversations in French and I have continued to improve since then. I would highly recommend Maarten.

Owner second home – Gerard Smulders

The courses were very pleasant to follow, very varied and with some very practical themes that came up regularly. For us, it was a very good thing that we devoted ourselves fully and intensely to our new language. It was immediately very useful in our daily life.”

The design of the course is very well thought out. I have experienced it as very intensive and at the same time very instructive in a pleasant way. In an interactive way conversation, grammar and expansion of vocabulary are combined with practical application during the afternoon activities. The way in which is taught is both very professional and pleasant.

The apartment and lunches are excellent and make your stay very pleasant.

In short, a must for anyone who wants to learn the French language better in a pleasant setting !

Owners Bed & Breakfast – Irene Bieszke & Henk Kersten

At the beginning of this year, we took a French course, intermediate level, at the training centre Work your Way to France. We should have done it earlier! We had realized for a while that our school knowledge of French was not enough to be comfortable in conversations with our neighbours and new friends here in France. With them we wanted to be able to talk in an informal and friendly way. As we run bed and breakfast, we also wanted to learn how to talk more formally with our suppliers and the different organizations we deal with.

Maarten’s courses have given us a lot of new vocabulary, syntax and general knowledge about France and, above all, have given us the courage to express ourselves in French.